Tuesday, July 2, 2013

High deductible health insurance/HSA plan

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Effective July 1, my medical insurance is a high deductible plan with a health savings account. My employer puts 1/2 of the HSA funds into an account and from Sept thru June, I will be matching those funds with even payroll deductions. Great.

Today, I used this new plan for the first time. I returned to the same location that I have been frequenting for months, for my PT appointment. I knew that I'd be responsible to pay today's charges, as I have to first meet a high deductible before insurance pays a penny. If the service provider is "in plan:" (which it is), then once the deductible is met, insurance pays 100% of the charges, unless I maximize my benefit.

I have been charged only a co-pay, with insurance paying the balance of a discounted "in plan" rate. I expected to be charged this same "in plan" rate. I was charged a higher price ($24.50 more),which I don't feel is ethical.

I have read all of the copious literature sent to employees about this new plan. I attended 3 or 4 meetings about this plan. I don't recall reading nor anyone ever mentioning that we wouldn't be charged the normal/regular in plan price.

I'm fighting this. I've emailed my Union president as well as my contact/advocate within the insurance company itself.

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DW said...

That doesn't sound right to me ... I have a high-deductable plan, and I'm billed the discounted rate.