Friday, July 12, 2013

Pizza sauce

Groceries that I never buy, include "convenience" items like pizza sauce. Far better for me, by the way I cook, is to have tomato sauce on hand, which I can use in multiple ways. Ever compare a pint of plain, tomato sauce vs "pizza sauce" at the store? The convenience sauce costs usually twice the amount as the plain version. Here's my recipe for a quick, simple pizza sauce, which I do home can, when possible (if not, I just use a can/jar of tomato sauce as I have tonight):

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Last week I made homemade spaghetti sauce because I had a lot of 24-26 oz cans of tomatoes, and was at home that day anyhow. Normally I just open a jar of Prego, bought on sale/w/coupons, but this time I was really struck by the difference. The tomatoes were all bought on sale for $1 or less per can--many w/coupons which made them 67 cents. I have a large supply of Penzey's spices especially Italian seasoning, basil, fresh or powdered garlic, etc. I used one can of puree, and one can of diced tomatoes, and seasoned it up. Cooked it for an hour or two, giving me a thick enough sauce so that it didn't need added tomato paste to thicken, and it was a larger quantity than Prego gives me besides. Dh liked it at least as well as Prego--which is convenient, but costly. I also have quite a lot of cooked tomatoes in the freezer as excess from my garden for the past couple years. I used to make my own sauce often, but have gotten too complacent lately--not to mention lazy! I do believe I will be using up some of these tomatoes that I have on hand instead of wasting money on Prego, at least until I need to purchase more supplies. Despite mostly cooking from scratch, I had forgotten how much cheaper I can buy tomatoes--or grow them. And we do have other tomato dishes often besides. My cupboards are very full at the moment and I want to reduce my backlog---I'm only cooking for 2 people, and there is no snow this time of year to worry about!