Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Frugal housekeeping

Even though I pay for a once a month cleaning service, there is always general housekeeping to deal with on a daily if not weekly basis.  How to do this frugally:

-laundry: only wash full loads, only wash whites and towels in warm-everything else in cold. Line dry all but towels who get a 30 minute spin in the dryer before line drying. I hang up clothes year round. Wear bottoms twice if possible, use bath towels twice as well.

-when cleaning, I use dollar store or bought for $1 cleaning products purchased by combining a coupon with a sale.  I stock up when I find deals, even if the item isn't immediately needed. This applies to laundry supplies as well. I've been working down my stockpile, once depleated, I am considering a switch to all homemade versions (except laundry supplies, which I get cheap enough)

-I clean using what I call "fancy rags" that I make out of old cotton flannel nighties for dusting and swiffering, old towels for all general cleaning. I do not purchase disposable cleaning wipes

-I choose sweeping/swiffering (have 2 cats) over vacuuming daily.

-preventive maintenance to keep the house clean:
Here's my entry vestibule: we take off our shoes before entering the house

 Limit what you clean to what is actually dirty: case in point: the kitchen sink scatter rug. Shaken out daily, it developed a small spot on the surface. Instead of immediately tossing it into the laundry, it was flipped. Once side 2 is dirty, THEN it will be washed.
Another tip: a cup for the day. With kids home from school, we seemed to be going thru a ton of glasses and cups. The dishwasher, which I prefer to only run when full, and only once a day, was filling fast. Solution: going back to cup for the day. Grab a cup in the morning and after bfst, rinse it out, place it at your spot in the dining room-that is your cup for the day. Ditto cloth napkins: unless really soiled, it can be used for another meal before laundering.

What frugal tips could you add?


Jean said...

I make my own laundry detergent (powder)

CTMOM said...

Jean, do you have a recipe to share?

Jean said...

This is the link where I found the laundry soap recipes -- I use the 1st one