Monday, July 15, 2013

Fashioning a silk purse out of a sow's ear


Long story short, DD has moved back in with me. Although I have searched for an affordable, larger home to rent, in this town, which will take our 2 cats, I have come up empty handed. Can't give up the cats, especially due to special needs kidlet. So . . .unless something magically appears within the next 2 weeks, it looks like I'm staying put. Landlord has mailed a lease extension, including DD and her soon to own car on it, with my rent remaining the same.

 Love the location, has a garage to keep my car out of the snow, I'm able to do laundry on site, a bathroom and a 1/2, tons and tons of storage, fairly close to the road so my plowing bill is a bit cheaper, only 1 acre for me to have mowed=additional savings. While many deferred or unknown prior to my tenancy repairs have been addressed and subsequent ones as well, this house still needs some TLC.

Killer is the heating bill. It'll be another cold Winter here, even with the wood stove. Sigh. : (   At least I already have the draft dodgers, flannel curtains to partition off the uninsulated porch, plastic cut to size for doors and windows already done and on hand.

So moving forward, where to put DD in this large home with only 2 bedrooms? My room is gigantic-could easily put 2 king size beds in it. I have one closet wall that hold 4, double door closets, then the entry door, then the wall where my double dresser rests. It's huge! We figure that during the worst of weather (heat and cold), DD could bunk with me. Meanwhile, I am making an effort to give her some of her own space.

Last night, I moved the 2 remaining desks out of what we had been calling "the office." I cleaned and too measurements. While this "room" won't be entirely closed off, there are things we can do to give her some privacy.

There are 2 double door (except for the stone wall section)openings into the living room, which now houses the 2 displaced desks-good thing that is a huge room as well. On the opposite side aka the living room side, I have curtain rods installed for the flannel sheets turned into curtains to snug up the living room come Winter. I told DD that I still have some additional curtain rods and if the wrong size can get what we'd need cheap enough, I can make white panels from some of the numerous double bed top sheets I have. I can make simple tie backs as well. I'd use clips so that she can simply draw them shut as desired.


I already own plenty of these.

Then there is furniture:
 DD cleaned the Baumritter bed I recently scored. Mattresses and side rails will be collected, once my friend with the Suburban gets back in town-Tues or Wed morning I am thinking. Bedding acquired (see previous post:;postID=4398241523823456726;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=11;src=postname(although I am seeking a warm, wool blanket or a Chatham type spun polyester type for Winter) Check.
 DD will use this white shelving unit as a bed table/night stand. She even has a blue trash basket. Check
I had this old, 3 drawer, rolling cart for art supplies, now housed with office/school supplies in another cabinet. For now, this is storing her socks, underwear, bathing suits. I do want to find an affordable dresser for her on the second hand market. So for now-check.

Nicer clothing means needing a closet:
My rolling coat rack will have to suffice. Check. She will still need to store out of season clothing in a plastic tub. No issues.

Some creature comforts:

While there are 2 ceiling lights, turned on from the middle of the living room side wall, so far from convenient, DD did manage to bring this home with her:

Now that I can sleep in a bed subsequent to my rotator cuff surgery, the recliner that I intended to put in the living room would crowd out the space since we've added 2 desks, a filing cabinet and shuffled the pre-existing furnishings around. My recliner will be moved to DD's soon to be put together "room" for reading/relaxing. It's a neutral enough color called "mushoom" but I think it's more in the brown family. Seating: check.

The floor in the "room"is brick. It gets cold and retains the cold. Some choices:

 I have a larger blue scatter rug that I can pull out of the powder room (a slate floor in there so also colder) so that would at least be a warm landing spot when getting out of bed.
Additionally, my former living room rug which I had professionally cleaned and repaired upon moving in here, was eventually moved to the boys' room, which has beautiful, wood floors. They also already had a red scatter rug for in between the beds, so I view this as a who needs this more deal.  The braided rug is about 1 inch too wide, so I'd fold under the edge that would go up against the baseboard heating that is on the exterior wall. That would be done for safety anyways. I already asked DD and she liked the idea of the braided rug, which is 103 1/2" x 135 1/2", covering a good part of this "room" where she would be using roughly 22 feet x 8 1/2 feet of the space. On one side, butted up against the wall by a double entry, my upright freezer and storage cabinet for office/school supplies is located. At the other end, there is a small table and then the bar L with counters.

Once it is finally set up, I'll post some photos. Meanwhile, here is a view from one of the two double door, floor to ceiling sliders in the room. I have insulating panels in there, and am keeping them closed for Summer with the exception of the 2 "window" areas, which have the panels held back with black and white gingham tie backs. This would be the view from DD's bed in the morning. The tree in the background is a red, Japanese maple that is aflame come Fall.  What ideas can you think of to make this homey on the cheap?

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mikemax said...

I equipped, furnished and decorated an entire second home for about $2,000. Some of the stuff came out of my house, a little was given to me, but most came from thrift stores and yard sales. As for the decor, I just kept my eyes open and found it here and there, and that's my advice to you. I know tag sales in your area are good--I used to live near you, but in NY. Remember Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz)--my cousin bought a cover for a Castro sofa at her yard sale! Anyway, I'd butt out at this point and let your DD decorate her own room, and at her expense.