Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emergency Preparedness


For a long time now, I've had "camping lantern" on my list of household goods to acquire. With forecasts of impending storms, and some surprise storms, we've lost power for a total of 2-3 weeks, yes WEEKS over the course of the past year. Emergency preparedness has remained on my mind, it's the Girl Scout in me. : )

I've searched Walmart, not my favorite option, as well as camping sites, and not really found anything to my liking.

Today, I received my $10.05 shipping refund from returning kidlet's backpack in exchange for a new one from L L Bean. I also received an email with a 10% off everything promotion thru July 10th-Ok, time to take a look.

I have ordered the above lantern, normally $59.95 plus tax this would normally be a $63.75 item but taking advantage of the 10% off promotion, applying my $10.05 refund, I got it down to $47.33 out the door, including free shipping. Saving $16.42 was nice.

This is scheduled to arrive in just a few days. I'll be happy to write this off of my list.

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Jenny A said...

We have two of these lanterns, not the same brand. They've come in very handy with power outages. One lights up our entire family room. It's well worth the money spent, especially when you saved.