Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Downsizing experiment

My former home had a large refrigerator, a large spare refrigerator and a huge (could keep cadavers in there!) chest freezer. New chapter in my life=changes. One being that we are now in a rental, which came with a standard, smaller refrigerator as well as this under counter aka "bar" refrigerator. Great for back up, extra jugs of milk, etc. I also purchased an upright freezer this year.

Since it needed defrosting, and today's weather is delightful (79-80 degrees, cool, dry) it was time to do it. I was able to transfer whatever was in this bar fridge into the replacement, SMALL kitchen fridge. Fine.

The plan is to defrost and keep it shut off, to see if we can live without it. I may be moving, this defrosting would have had to happen soon anyway, regardless. I am not the only one doing such an experiment (

I am hoping that if we can downsize to just one fridge, I will notice a slight drop in my electric bill as a result. This fridge is copper, so it hails from the 70's. Seems to work fine, but I suspect it's an energy hog.

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alaskadreamin said...

Carol the library has those kilowatt testers available to you plug the appliance into it & it tells you how many kilowatts the appliance uses. Either way, you are better off with only 1 refrig plugged in! Every little bit helps.