Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dollar Tree trip

I was set to run over to WM for some items, when it occurred to me that Dollar tree just may carry what I need, so I stopped there first. I am glad that I did as in addition to the greeting cards, orange cleaner refill, nightlight replacement bulbs, I DID find the electric connection gizmos I was looking for. Many of the outlets in the living area are only 2 prong, and with my combining the living room with the office (freeing up the office porch for DD's bedroom), I found that my computer equipment wouldn't be able to run plugged in. Initially, I was prepared to contact the LL, asking permission to have a few of the outlets switched to 3 prong, at my expense. Then it occurred to me that I may be able to just get adapters, which I did today. I spent $1 on 2 adaptors vs $$$ on a handyman. : )

You just never know. It's important to seek alternative sources, glad that I did.

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