Monday, July 22, 2013

Daily laundry when the forecast is for rain most if not all week

 I do a full load of laundry almost daily, some days, it's 2 loads. My current washer is smaller than my former HE monster which is part of the issue. No matter, I still like my second hand GE set. What to do when it's cloudy and the forecast is for rain for up to a week? (and we need the rain desperately, especially as we are on well water in this town) I do not want to resort to the expensive, electric dryer all week, so I did a cold water load and hung what I could on hangers, suspending them from one of the large curtain rods used to section off the former porch/office (now DD's room) from the Living room come Winter, as that porch is uninsulated and has walls of windows.
 Next, underwear is hung up on this circular gizmo with built in clothes pins. This is located in the opening between the dining /craft room and living room/office. Both the hanging clothes and these underclothes are in an area where the ceiling fans help to dry the laundry faster.
Final resort: the clothes horse. I have a second load in the washer, so this will be called into service. I really would like a second one, or the ability to string a clothesline down cellar (perhaps our next home). I was using a rolling coat rack, but that is being used by DD as a makeshift closet.

This works, my clothes will be mostly dry come bedtime, the rest will be done in the morning. I will be putting towels in the dryer, as they will get musty.

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Carol Lane said...

This is what I use Carol. I love the fact it's portable, can be moved easily or folded up when not in use.