Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crock Pot Tuesday: ziti with meat sauce

 Last night, I first checked the upright freezing for any frozen assets and was pleased to unearth a larger tub of homemade, beef-sausage spaghetti sauce. Perfect! I also grabbed a 1/2 loaf (a better size for us now)of homemade garlic bread. I then pulled out my gallon jar of ziti. Ingredients on hand-check.
This morning, I decanted the prepared spaghetti sauce into one of my smaller Crock Pots, allowing it to simmer all day, keeping the house cooler. I have a busy day, finding me returning from appointments near the dinner hour. I will prep a tossed salad ahead of time, vinaigrette is all set for the week. So all I will need to do upon return is cook the ziti, grate Parmesan as requested, and reheat some leftover, organic CSA broccoli. Done.

One of my gallon storage jars is now empty, and will remain so for a while. I have plenty of other pasta shapes to select from and that it what will appear on the menus. Use it up July continues . . . .

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