Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cleaning on a budget

 When I moved here, I took the bulk of my cleaning supply stockpile. I have finally moved the overflow to below the bathroom and kitchen sinks. I still have more than plenty on hand. I typically would purchase these type items at the discount store (Xpect/Marc's) using coupons. Their regular prices significantly cheaper than the regular grocer's. Case in point, this spray bottle of Fantastik Oxy, marked $1.99. I see this identical bottle marked $3.49 and up. Add $1 off coupon, and this was 99 cents out the door (plus tax). Cheap enough. Once the remaining supplies on hand are used up, I plan on experimenting with making my own general cleaners. I already use a vinegar-water spray in the kitchen, to keep ants at bay. Should I find the homemade versions less than ideal, I'll continue to purchase products at rock bottom prices or from the Dollar Tree.

DD is working this afternoon, but she is expected to clean the metal slats of her new bed, using the aforementioned blue spray, and some towel rags.
Murphy's oil soap is intended for the foot and head board, to be followed by a liberal application of lemon oil. I am also debating purchasing some paste wax to give the bed a super shine. Even the lemon oil and the Murphy's were purchased with coupons. You just never know.

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