Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheap lunch at home

 Lunch was actually started last night, after supper, when I pulled my mountain of dried pintos out of the cabinet, and set up a cups' worth to soak over night. this morning, I drained, rinsed, covered with water and cooked them until tender.
 Dollar Tree tortillas warming on the stove top while I prepare the roast pork (planned over) and pinto bean filling, using my homemade version of taco seasoning (salt free, too)
 Additional taco fillings: a bag of preshredded Goat's milk Cheddar from the freezer, home made and canned taco sauce, chopped tomato, slivered organic CSA Romaine
 Here's lunch!

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Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite go to meal is tacos. They are so versatile.

These look great!