Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Car maintenance on a budget

One of the items on my bucket list this next month, is to replace the carpeted floor mats that were purchased when I bought my 2009 year model car in 2008. 5 years later, and a hole has worn through the driver's side floor mat, I suspect mostly because this is a manual transmission car. Regardless, it needs to be replaced. I explored some options:

1-Dealership: they told me that they no longer have rubber mats for my car (although a month or so ago, they quoted me for them), but do have a set of carpeted ones (all 4 mats included) $127 plus tax. I really want to move to rubber mats, however. The black carpet shows everything, and the rubber mats would be a breeze to simply hose off, especially come Winter with road salt, snow and then there is Spring time mud season

2-Auto supply store had several options:

-buy a generic set of rubber mats @ $39.99 plus tax, but cut them to fit. I don't like that idea, think it'll look cheesy
-order a set of Weathertech  rubber mats (in stock in their warehouse, so available within a day)
@ $129.95  plus tax for a 2 mat front set
-also could order a matching Weathertech rubber mat set for the back @ $89.95 plus tax

*Factor in that I just clipped some coupons for this same auto supply store: $5 off any purchase over $25.

So, I am going to order the front set of Weathertech mats, and use one cpn, bringing the cost down to $124.95. The back? the carpets are in pristine condition. Normally, it's just me, or me and one kidlet off to an appointment. Do I really NEED the back rubbermats? If I decide that I do, I'll use another $5 off coupon, and bring that down to $84.95.

*update: I checked on line and found a website that carries the Weathertech mats. Set of front 2: $69.95, set of rear 2  $60. Buy a complete bundle set @ $114.95. Additionally, learned that they also make a cargo aka trunk mat $127.95 (that would come in handy on trash days) So, it looks like I'll order on line, and they offer free shipping. : )
At this point, I plan on keeping my car another 2 years.


Anonymous said...

I have looked at those mats several times. My uncle has them and they hold up great. Once things stable out they are actually on my list of things to get since I want to hang on to my car for a very long time...

If you wouldn't mind emailing me the web addy I would appreciate it


CTMOM said...

Judy-check your e-mail.

Nancy said...

Good idea to look at the web! Before buying rubber floor mats for my SUV for the winter I shopped around. Found a set at the wholesale club for $30 that fit perfectly. They've really saved the carpeted mats that came with the vehicle from wear and dirt.

Mara said...

I bought my rubber mats at a garage sale, $10. That is another option. They were originally for an SUV but I was able to make them work. And they are the really deep rubber ones, so if something spills (or there is a lot of snow) it holds all the liquid.