Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baking on a budget

 With kids home, the treats seem to be flying out of here. Needing to bake, and use what is on hand, I came up with the ingredients to make a batch of Magic Cookie bars. I even have pecans, gifted to us. Both the chocolate chips and sweetened, condensed milk were crash and burn finds.

A gifted to us box of orange cake mix was mixed up, but the batter divided into a 9 inch square cake pan and 12 cupcakes.

I have some leftover, chocolate, cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes and a tub of marked down Betty Crocker tub frosting (a crash n burn find) for the cake, and more cupcakes if the choc cream cheese frosting isn't enough. Plenty of assorted sprinkles to decorate as well.

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