Sunday, July 21, 2013

August menus

August find me a very, very busy lady. One month from today, I am back at work. Meanwhile, I need to:
- get the youngest ready for school
-get myself ready for returning to work (getting new messenger bag made, buying work clothes)
-cull thru kids books, my books, cookbooks, closets
-attend to my car:  car wash, oil change, emissions sticker
-review my budget
-possibly move into another rental
-acquire a second hand car for DD
-attend to some financials (paperwork)

It's gonna be interesting! Toss in DD's birthday as well.

So, for NOW, here are our dinner menus:
1-marinated eye round steaks (fzn), mashed potatoes (use up fresh or move to instant)
2-home made pizza
3-sloppy joes (fzn beef or turkey)on rolls, fzn tater tots
4-Crock Pot rotisserie style chicken (fzn), gravy, mashed potatoes (see above)
5-beer battered Swai (fzn), fzn onion rings
6-Crock Pot beef and peppers (use fzn stew beef) on rice
7-spaghetti with home made, Italian meatballs (fzn) in Crockpot marinara
8-marinated BSCB (fzn), rice
9-pasta salad
10-tuna salad
11-Birthday dinner out?
12-fzn tempura shrimp on rice
13-stuffed turkey breast (fzn)roll ups (use fzn chicken gravy)
14-kale-Italian sausage (fzn as is extra kale) quiche
15-vegetarian stir fry, rice
16-Swiss steaks (fzn) with stewed tomatoes, egg noodles
17-chicken salad sandwiches
18-crock pot pot roast (fzn)mashed potatoes( see above), gravy
19-Baked fzn Swai, rice
20-stroganoff (planned over)
22-chard-bacon (both fzn along with assorted cheeses) quiche
25-BBQ split chicken breasts(fzn) buttered veg pasta noodles
26-shrimp (fzn) stirfry over rice
27-CP ground turkey (fzn) chilli (use dried beans)
29-marinated skirt steak (fzn) tacos

Things will be moved around, esp. if we DO end up moving. Most food is on hand. Side veg not listed nor are salads as the CSA changes weekly, we eat depending upon our pick up.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a busy month for you and your family.

I haven't planned out menus. I intend to try to keep eating down what is on hand.