Sunday, July 21, 2013

An interesting development

Although I have yet to receive the extension for my current lease from my current landlord (mailed last week, should get it tomorrow?), I continue to monitor the rental market in this town, which is slim at best. Subtract the homes out of my budget, those that don't allow pets-there has been little available until a new posting last night.

 A converted barn, 4 bed 2 bath, 1 car in basement garage,local (and this has been an issue, I feel) LL takes care of lawn and gardens. Still oil heat but not oil hot water. Converted in the 60's so much better insulated than where we are now. Living room fireplace for back up heat, full basement (minus garage bay) for storage-awesome. More than I am paying now, but factor in that I will no longer have to pay to have the lawn maintained, the modest rent paid by dd (which may go up), my getting a room that isn't a walk thru so more privacy-this is a win-win so far. Location is great, too. Although listed as available Aug 1, the LL are making appointments for viewing starting Aug 2.

I sent an email expressing my interest and got a response to some questions, and asking me to tell them a bit about my "family"-how many would be living there and if we had pets (listed as allowed)  I followed up with responses with some additional questions, also  requesting an appointment for Aug 2. I was able to work into the brief email that I am a teacher with deep roots in this community, dating back to '90-which may/not carry any weight.

I must make a decision ASAP, I was hoping by the end of July. Now it looks like it may not be until the end of the first full week in Aug, assuming that I pass inspection and they can pull my credit report, check references within a week's time. I must vacate the 14th or renew by then. Next rent check for this place would be due on the 15th and I normally mail it out on the 10th, even though technically as long as it's post marked the 15th, it's counted as paid on time.

If it's meant to be, this will work out, as my Mom would say.

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