Monday, July 29, 2013

A year in review


As I closed out July's accounting budget ledger, I recognized that this has been a year of many transitions, new beginnings, new chapters. I've accomplished a lot this past year and I reflect on how things have gone, what I'd do differently. I also am looking to the new year ahead, 2013-14 for me.

Regardless of what our housing situation may be, I have some goals for the upcoming year:

-continue saving for my next home
-refurbish a desk, a dumb waiter table
-save for a glass front, storage cabinet to better corral my sewing materials
-purchase a replacement mattress set for my bed
-declutter our possessions further (hot spots: kids books, my cookbooks, my clothes, inherited sewing supplies, old sheets -most likely to be saved for quilt backings)
-get my car detailed, rotate tires, oil change, purchase new rubber replacement mats
-continue with weight loss
-help DD to acquire a second hand, reliable transportation

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