Thursday, July 18, 2013

A quick top up, and planning ahead with chicken

 After a medical appointment in the city, I drove over to Aldi's for a few groceries: slicing tomatoes, OJ concentrate, vanilla ice cream, EVOO, blueberries, raspberries and a surprise: a marked down chicken. Originally 89/lb, it had a $2 off sticker on it, so I grabbed it.
 Back home, I prepared it as a Crock pot rotisserie style chicken. Recipe states cook for up to 8 hours or until done via a meat thermometer. This is my oval, acquired thru Freecycle, newer CP that cooks hotter. It was done in 4 hours.
Meat is pulled off the carcass, taking care to section off the breast portions for sandwiches. THe bits will be either topped onto a salad or turned into a chicken salad. So hot, no desire to eat or cook. Of course, all the juices, skin, bones went into a smaller CP to simmer into a stock, which will be strained in the morning, chilled, defatted and then frozen.


Anonymous said...

Great find on the chicken! I love crockpot roasted chicken because it stays moist.

Carol Lane said...

Remember to wash your berries in a capful of vinegar with water to keep the berries from molding until you get to use them.

CTMOM said...

Carol Lane-great tip!thanks, I had never heard of that! Raspberries are my favorite fruit, and since they are so delicate I plan on eating them within a day or so. Some will be sprinkled over vanilla ice cream tonight for dessert. : )