Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A "gheto" solution

I reported to the landlord that the 10 y.o. refrigerator in this rental was going. Water on the floor, inability to keep ice cream cold, unusual food spoilage-esp. milk, cheese, Oj. She eventually sent over the handyman, who deemed the refrigerator sick and he took measurements. He told me that he was eyeballing a few on Craigslist. Fast forward and today, he delivered the replacement, a shorter than what was here, Maytag freezer on top refrigerator. Space between shelves is  so short, there is no way I can put a jug of milk in there. No ice maker, no trays. Old, rusted in spots, metal shelves. Handyman tried telling me that it was 5-6 y.o.-there is just no way! I looked at the metal tags inside the unit, no date, just model numbers.

He brought it over, and told me that he saved me some time by chloroxing it and rinsing it out. I suspect he used a hose as I had a lot of water to wipe up. I also washed it myself, getting additional ick off. I like to know it's clean.

I filled the fridge and noted that the freezer door kept getting stuck on the fridge door. When shut, the freezer door has a large gap at the top, left corner. Sigh. So I texted the HM, telling him about the door, which he had forgotten to tell me about. He'll come by in the morning with the proper tool and some screws to better attatch the door to the hinge.

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my food cold. So, I stuck a butter knife between the 2 doors and this is  enough to keep the freezer door totally shut. I left a note, after putting a thermometer inside the fridge. Hope that it is chilled come morning.

Update: handyman came by this morning and did replaced the missing screws that hold the freezer door on it's hinges. So far, the freezer is wokring fine (was -5 degrees) so I moved my thermometer to the fridge section. I commented to the HM that there is no way this is a 5-6 y.o. fridge. I couldn't find a date on it, but manufacturers have been making plastic and glass shelving for refrigerators for at least 15 years, this fridge still has wire shelves. No wide jug in the door holder, etc.

So, for now, if it protects my food, great. HM said that he is keeping the old fridge, and will swap it back if he can fix it.


Linda said...

Ack! That would make me crazy. You can google the model numbers for that brand refrigerator and see exactly how old it is. I would look on Craig's list and see if you can find the post to see just how cheap the management is.

Nancy said...

This would drive me nuts. I'd track down how old this is, take photos, and send them to the landlord along with a complaint about the age and condition of the refrigerator.

CTMOM said...

I emailed the LL with photos, to document residual issues with this replacement:
-missing ice cube trays
-missing bottom front "grill"
-crack in front of bottom shelf
-silver duct tape covering front edge of all 3 shelves
-mysterious black marks inside freezer door
-mildew stains on all of the door gaskets

She replied that HM has been good so far, guess men view acceptable differently than women. I replied that I just want to document how this "new" fridge arrived here, it's conditon so that I am not dinged on the security deposit.