Thursday, July 11, 2013

$140- not as bad as it could have been


Last month, I choked on how high my electric bill had jumped to. ($165.47) Note that I had been averaging under $100 for months. I thought I had tamed that beast. I contacted the electric company, and they felt that it was the dehumidifier, even though it's an energy star model, they suck some serious juice. So, I only use it when the washer is actually on. It's located down cellar, in the small utility room. One can clearly see crawlspace on 3 sides. I am not dehumidifying the world, thanks.

So, a drop of $25 considering the following:

-2 extra people joined the household
-dishwasher was often run twice a day
-lots of laundry, especially towels, which minimally are dried 30 minutes and then hung out, if not fully machine dried
-3 weeks of humid weather. Some regular clothing (non towels) was also machine dried
-a dying refrigerator
-A/C use at night in the bedrooms (2)

With DD returning home to live, I am charging her rent, including $25 towards increased utilities. So figure that this is actually $115, not bad-a $50 decrease during a month when I was recovering from surgery.

I keep at the effort, however, to lower this further. Wishing for an improvement in the weather (did machine dry towels today as well as yesterday) but the clothes yesterday were hung up to dry.

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