Thursday, June 27, 2013

WOW! Customer service, today's freebie


We recently had a less than ideal experience at a local shop, which is running a BOGO coupon opportunity if the customer fills out an on-line survey about their experience. Once home, I did go on line and fill out the survey, then printed out the BOGO coupon for a future return visit.

I was surprised a few days later, to receive an email from the owner who did actually read the on line surveys. He was concerned about what happened during my recent visit and wanted to make it right. He asked for my mailing address and told me that he would be mailing me a gift card, asking that I give his shop another chance.

I received an envelope today with a $75 gift card. Not only do I have the BOGO coupon, I now also have a very generous gift card to use as well.

Nice. : )


Anonymous said...

Wow -- nice! Will help the grocery budget or allow you to stock up on good sales.

CTMOM said...

Shara, I understand your initial reaction to this good news. I spent $$$, yet had budgeted monthly, for this twin birthday celebration out. Had some issues with service, really surprised to hear from the owner, and more surprised to get a GC-stunned that it was for $75. So we'll return one day and try them again-on him. Won't help me with the grocery bill, but will offer us another opportunity to eat out. : )
A treat for us.