Thursday, June 27, 2013

What to do with old bed pillows


DD brought home 2, 8 month old bed pillows that while inexpensive (She paid $8 each) they ended up not being a bargain as they lumped all up and were flat in spots. She wanted to throw them out. Since I pay by the pound to get rid of trash, I automatically thought of what I could do instead of disposing of them. Thrift shops won't take them due to sanitation issues.

First, I cut the shorter seam to open the pillows up, and removed the matted polyfill, which we saved for future pillow/draft dodger projects. I looked at the material cover, which was stained with hair dye. If it hadn't been so stained, I would have saved it, added a zipper to the opening, and create a new pillow slip. That wasn't the case. Instead, we shredded the material into strips, as I need to stake and tie up my container tomatoes soon. Perfect repurposing. We didn't use all of the fabric, in fact, some of the cleaner pieces have been set aside to be added to my Fall quilting project. So no trash out of these, my wallet and the landfill thank me. : )


slugmama said...

Good job! It's little things like that that make the difference in both your budget and the planet.

DW said...

I have several pillows that have done this ... and washing doesn't seem to fluff them back up much.
I was wondering if anyone had ever used the contents of 1 pillow to "stuff" another 1 or 2 pillows?