Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trying to get back to a normal routine


Over 2 weeks post surgery, and I am trying to re-establish some normal routine here. Very appreciative of the help I'm getting from family, but there have been some concessions taking place that I need to change in order to maintain my budget. With 2 remaining paychecks until Sept, this is vital, as Summer is my lean time. Since I can't drive, I've had to rely on family to take me everywhere. While I am  very disciplined at the grocery store and I can just run in for 2 things, family members can't and items are finding their way into the cart, and my budget is taking the hit. Things like sliced bread, while we normally make our own in the ABM, too much fresh fruit that can't get eaten fast enough, etc. I had to have a chat and state that we simply can not and do not go grocery shopping almost every day! Should we run out of milk, so what, we're out for a few days, they can drink water, iced tea etc. until I decide that it's time to pick some up. More trips to the stores=more money than I care to have being spent. Family will have to adjust, after all, I am the one still paying for all of the groceries.

I didn't plan out my May or June menus and although I am off on medical leave, this was a change for me, that added extra stress to the daily routine. Planning ahead helps me to avoid food waste, use items up, rotate my meals. DD and I planned June's menus the other day, so we'll be back on track. One of my budgetary goals as surrounds groceries is to eat down what we have on hand as well. Besides transitioning away from some Winter foods, I like to cull down the stock piles in the pantry, cabinets and freezer in the Summer as a means to reduce grocery expenditures as well.

DD is officially starting to pay rent to help defray her increased food and utility costs, so that will be a help.

I recently had my handyman service back to do some painting projects that I am incapable of doing for some time, as well as msc repairs, including retouring my umbrella clothesline to service (the only thing that was impacted by the hurricane in the Fall). The dryer is only being used for a short time for towels (30 minutes) and then they, along with everything else, is being air dryed for additional savings. Unfortunately, I can't do this myself, and am obliged to ask family to hang and take down laundry for me.

I also had our 2 A/C's installed, but we have yet to use them, even with the current heat wave, as nights have been cool enough for sleep, with the aide of oscillating fans.

So, although initially my daily routine costs increased, I am making efforts to reign them back in.


Precious said...

I hope you are healing well. It sounds like you are doing your best.

Nancy said...

Sending you good thoughts on the healing process. Good for your family to willingly pitch in with the laundry. Our dryer has been broken for the last month. It needs a new belt which gentleman friend can replace for me at only the cost of the part. However I have been in no hurry for this since I want to get the kids retrained into using the clothesline during the warm months. My teen DD is the only one who really finds this to be a major inconvenience to her. If the dryer is available she will use it. I just cannot imagine her helping out with laundry that needs to be dried on the clothesline. Good for your kids to do this.

Linda Shields said...

Very inspiring CT. I may make a quiche tonight, too! Sounds delish.