Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trying to beat the heat without A/C

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Inside temp of the house hit 85 yesterday-far from pleasant. I am only able to air condition the bedrooms, and so far we have been toughing it out. Lights out, drapes drawn, all curtains covering windows that don't open, otherwise all windows and doors open to allow the breeze to blow through. This is a house of many windows, great cross breezes, especially as this is located at the top of a mountain. 2 ceiling fans on, a box unit blowing air out of the house on the bathroom side of the home, an oscillating fan perched on the window ledge in the kitchen. It'll have to do. Luckily, a storm blew thru last night and I capitalized on the cooler air. Although 67 out now, it's a nice 75 inside the house, the air is blowing. Lots of iced tea is available as it will certainly be as hot as yesterday, later on this afternoon. A cool shower before bed, crisp cotton nightware and hope for the best. Since the house cooled so quickly last night, I didn't even have to use the bedroom A/C units. Anything to save $.

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Nancy said...

My older home has no A/C. With as tight as it is here in the summertime financially I've always felt that even if I had window units I might not be able to afford the electricity to run them. We do pretty much what you are doing, box fans in the dining room windows, fan on the kitchen counter, the bedrooms have fans (some have both box fans in the window and ceiling fans), doors open, blinds closed to block sunlight, lights kept off as long as possible. I do confess that it gets pretty miserable on the third floor under the roof but I only go up there to sleep and I make sure to turn the fans on to blow hot air out the window about an hour before bedtime & then turn them to blow cooler air in once I'm up there. A cool shower & summer jammies put on while I'm still damp help as well.
And it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention that weekends in the GF's A/C help as well. :-)