Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's baking

This morning, I baked off a peach crisp in my table top, convection oven, using drained peaches, instead of fresh. This comes out very good, although fresh would have been preferred. I used 2, 29 oz cans of fruit from my pantry.

Another pantry inspiration: I took my pumpkin-spice-chocolate chip muffin recipe and substituted a 15 oz can of butternut squash that I paid only 99 cents for, as the store was no longer going to carry this product. I bought at least 2 cases of both squash and pumpkin (My Pie brand).  I also left out the chocolate chips, instead using some chopped, dried dates from my baking cabinet. I am calling these squash-date-spice muffins. The house smells wonderful!

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