Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking them up on their guarantee


A year or so back, I "invested" in new backpacks for the boys. School officially ended on Friday, so I cleaned out the backpacks, in preparation for washing them, only to discover that one of the bags was ripped inside. These were expensive and I had intended for them to last all 4 years of high school, if not longer. No problem, L L Bean has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I went on line, filled out the return/exchange form and printed it out. I have packaged the torn bag up, and will mail it out on Monday, asking that it be exchanged for an identical bag that they still sell. This was a $79.95 bag, and I expected that it would last longer than this, especially as the kid using it is very careful and the bag is never filled to the brim/stuffed which is the norm. One of the reasons for chosing LLB, was their return policy.

My dealings with L L Bean in the past have been excellent. I expect that I'll receive an email notification once they receive the return and this communication will advise me as to when to expect delivery of the replacement. I will have to pay shipping, but it is far, far less than $80!

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I agree--don't buy from LLBean as often anymore as we don't camp anymore but they do stand behind their stuff. And we're still using most of it!

One time DD couldn't find the neck tie to her swimsuit from Land's End. She contacted them and they sent her another one, no charge. I found it under the dresser much later when she had moved out and I was repainting the room. Her own carelessness, but Land's End fixed it anyhow. I buy quite a lot from them, as their styles fit me better than LLBean, and they are generally less expensive. Their things last a long time also.