Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Supper: salmon

 Baking off some previously fzn, salmon fillets seasoned with black pepper and organic CSA dill weed. I am using the tabletop mini oven to keep the house cooler and to save electricity
 A simple salad of butter crunch and Romaine lettuces from the organic CSA, cherry tomatoes hail from them as well, cukes from Aldi's. Choice of homemade dressing
 Some long in the tooth carrots about to be steamed, organic CSA peas to be added at the very end
The rice fest continues. I used the rest of a small bit of reserved chicken fat, and browned off the rest of a large onion.

I added an expired (I have no fears of killing anyone by serving this)box of Knorr veggie soup/dip mix, water, rice.

It turned into this:

 I'm calling it "rice pilaf"
My supper plate


Shara said...

That looks delicious! I recently bought another huge bag of rice so I'm excited to see all these ways to serve it.

Nancy said...

Awesome idea to use the Knorr mix with the rice to make a pilaf! And I'm guessing the 'expiration' date is really a sell-by date since I can't think of anything in there that would actually go bad.

CTMOM said...

Do a search on my blog for "rice" I have a lot of recipes and links, that may be of help.

Precious said...

This looks scrumptious. Thanks for sharing.