Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prep your leftovers immediately!

I still had steak leftover after dinner (with college boy not making an appearance). No problem, the meat was presliced and then cut into smaller bits. I placed it in a container and topped it with the remaining, leftover mixed green and wax beans. I will be using this to make a stir fry to serve over rice for lunch tomorrow. Making strides to avoid food waste.


Shara said...

I like to do this too. Makes life simpler. The other night when we had leftover mashed potatoes I went ahead and made up potato cakes while I was cleaning up the kitchen anyway. Next morning all I had to do was pull them out and pan fry...a quick start to breakfast for hubby.

Nancy said...

Excellent idea! I had leftover Korean steak from the other night that got added to a salad yesterday for lunch for myself and youngest. Waste not!

Linda said...

That looks like a meal for me, already to heat and enjoy. You are so right about saving and using.

Hey, I put new pictures of no scapes.