Friday, June 21, 2013

OK, so I'll have enough to get me to Sept


I've planned out my dinner menus, believe it or not, for August as well, to see how far my meat stores will take me. If I do not add anything to what we already have on hand, this is what I anticipate will remain come Aug 31st, knowing that what remains may also find it's way into a Summer time lunch at home.

8 oz ground beef -4 pkgs
split ck br 3pkgs
Eye round steaks (3 ct)-2 pkgs
stew beef-2 pkgs
corned beef-1
shank beef bones for soup-3
3 ct turkey burgers-3 pkgs
grnd ham-3
bulk pork sausage roll-2
pork chops-2
8 oz Ital sausage-6

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