Monday, June 17, 2013

Making a change


Watching my expenditures, I noted as I paid off my monthly credit card bill in full, that my weekly subscription to the city newspaper has escalated to $29/month-a price I am no longer willing to pay. So I looked on line, and saw that they have 2 alternatives: a 3 day delivery package: Th/Fri/Sun or just the Sunday paper. I phoned, and learned that the website isn't updated and the $3.50 price for the 3 day rate is now actually $4.25. Sigh. So, as of the first week in July (since June is already prepaid), we are trying the 3 day subscription to see how that fits for me, as I am really the only one to regularly read the paper. Should I find that the coupons offered no longer make it a worthwhile luxury, we'll drop to the Sunday only option @ $2.85/week, also up from the $2.50 posted on the website. Seems that all of my costs are escalating, so I have to reduce where ever I can.

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