Monday, June 24, 2013

Just too hot for quiche!


Hazy, hot and humid and although quiche was on the menu, I have no desire to turn on even the micro oven. So plan B: I grabbed some preformed turkey burgers from the freezer and a can of baked beans out of the pantry. I already had rolls from the bakery marked down shelf, and plenty of makings for a salad. Quick and easy.


SheilaPCT said...

Yes it's been awful... I made up a quick boxed mix for Zatarains chicken alfredo- been in the pantry a while, but standing over the stove was not fun!!! So far I have managed to keep the central air off but don't know how much longer that will be able to be said!

CTMOM said...

Inside temp of the house hit 85-I normally cave and put on A/C when it hits 80. We suffered thru, though, as I am only able to A/C the bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

We're in the 90's and we're running the a/c. I'm trying to keep it set on 78. Still warm, but not stifling. Biggest thing for our area is the humidity.

We ended up having squash and fried fish. Both daughter and hubby were home late so it had cooled off some by the time I cooked.