Saturday, June 1, 2013

June menus


1-grilled hotdogs on buns, canned baked beans, coleslaw
2-crockpot rotisserie style chicken, garlic roasted baby potatoes, green beans, salad
3-baked salmon (fzn) fillets, broccoli rice mix (gifted to me), carrots,salad
4-Tuscan pasta salad with planned over chicken from Sunday, canned beans, black olives etc; tossed salad
6-black bean burgers on rolls, salad
7-tuna-baby pasta shell salad, tossed salad
8-shake n bake chicken drums/thighs, rice, corn
9-grilled, marinated pork tenderloin; garlic shell pasta mix, green bean saute
10-salmon burgers on buns, mixed fzn veggies, salad
11-spaghetti with fzn homemade meatballs and homemade sauce, salad
13-baked penne with cheese and marinara, 3 bean salad, tossed salad
16-hamburger and macaroni, green beans
17-horseradish encrusted Tilapia, rice, fzn peas with fresh carrots (steamed)
18-shrimp orzo skillet, salad
20-marinated, grilled steak; baked potatoes, salad, mixed green and waxed beans
23-chicken cacciatore over white rice, salad
24-kale and apple-chicken sausage quiche, salad
25-meatball grinders, salad
27-grilled kielbasa, crockpot calico beans
28-salmon burgers on a plate, homemade "Campbell's style" pork beans, coleslaw
30-grilled, marinated BSCB, rice, beets

Other than salad ingredients, potatoes, rolls to bake or purchase on marked down, I have everything needed for this month's dinner menus. As of this upcoming Friday, I will have my new CSA pickup, adding additional local, organic produce to our menus.


Precious said...

Set an extra chair at your table, I'm coming over. :-)

Your menu has me drooling.

SheilaPCT said...

Looks good Carol! Do you put cheese in your bean burgers? I have some canned beans I am wanting to use up and was thinking bean burgers would be a good way to. Also making rice and beans...

CTMOM said...

Here's the recipe I use. I don't add cilantro as I don't care for it, and although I first skipped the hot sauce, I think they do need it. No cheese added, put as an option, melted on top: