Saturday, June 22, 2013

July stock up trip


After inventorying the entire house hold of supplies (both food, non food), I added to my grocery stock up list for July. Coupons in hand, and additional lists of store specials, we headed out today, toting our bottles for returns as well.

First stop: Aldi's where I bought: 4 fzn OJ, 3 gallons milk, 2 doz eggs, 1 soft margarine, 1 qt 1/2 & 1/2, 2 cans pink salmon, 1 lb fzn sockeye salmon, 2 lbs fzn pink salmon, 2 lbs fzn Tilapia, 2 bottles cranberry juice, 4 boxes Jello, 1 bottle "Splash" juice, 1 jug cat liter, celery, a bag of lemons, 2 bars each of sharp Cheddar, Colby jack and Monteray Jack cheese, 2 rolls fzn 85% ground beef, 1 large can coffee, mini cukes, 2 pints blueberries, cabbage, "wheat thins", "Ritz" crackers, "cheez-its", an assorted cracker pkg, bologna, chocolate syrup, steak sauce.

Spent: $90.99 on food, $4.24 on the cat

Next: Dollar Tree, where I got: 4 boxes tissues, wax paper, 5 greeting cards.
Spent: $9.05, saved $1 w/ coupon

Final stop: Stop & Shop, where I bought: marked down hamburger buns (store bakery) and grinder rolls (store bakery), dairy case OJ, buttermilk quart, 2 tubs ice cream, 8 Mueller yogurts, 3 organic individual Stonyfield Greek yogurts, dishwasher tabs, 4 cans low salt Goya black beans, 4 ketchup, 2 salad dressing, Minute tapioca, 3 pkgs cupcake liners, a jug each of detergent and fabric softener (combined a BOGO deal plus a coupon for a great stock up deal), 2 ladies shave gel, decal tea bags, tampax, 2 pkgs marked down meatloaf (currently baking off as meatballs in the oven, to be frozen for upcoming months), peaches @ 79/lb, a pkg with 1 marked down yellow and one marked down gr pepper, cottage cheese.
Spent: $56.57, saved $32.14 with coupons. Found out that Stop and Shop no longer offers a credit for bring in your own shopping bags. I never saw any announcement about that. Hmm . . will other shops follow suit?

So, it's now time to zip shut the purse, see how far I can go without really spending much in July. Much of what I bought today was to stock up for lunches, as well as to have more offerings for Aug/Sept. I have $108.68 to take me to the end of July, in order to stay in budget. I'd like to spend as little of that as possible.

Total spent: $156.61, saved $33.14 with coupons.


Maura said...

Hi. Stop n Shop sent a flyer to their customers sometime in May stating they were stopping the credit for bringing your own bags. They also sent a coupon for a free reusable Stop N Shop bag.

CTMOM said...

Maura, I didn't see that or never got the notice. Thanks for the info! : )