Wednesday, June 19, 2013

July menus


Mid month already, so time to plan out NEXT months dinner menus, after first taking stock of what is already on hand here. This is especially important now as I only have one more check arriving until mid Sept, and there is a chance that we may be moving. The more we use up now, the less we'd have to move AND my bank account thanks me, regardless of where we end up residing. : )

1-baked fzn salmon fillets, rice, green beans
2-Italian pasta salad
4-cookout: traditional menu to be determined
7-roasted boneless pork roast, apple sauce, egg noodles, beets
8-baked fzn Perch fillets, rice, peas and carrots
9-ziti with meatballs (homemade fzn) in homemade marinara, broccoli
11-pork stir fry over white rice
12-homemade pizza
13-sloppy joes (use fzn beef) on homemade buns, corn
14-meatloaf (use fzn beef and fzn turkey), mashed potatoes, fzn mixed veg
15-salmon burgers (use canned fish)
16-ziti with Ital sausages, green & waxed beans
18-black bean burgers, oven fries
21-grilled, marinated pork tenderloins (fzn), roast potatoes, corn
22-creamed tuna over rice, fzn peas
23-linguini with homemade bolognese sauce (use fzn beef, sausage)
25-vegetarian pasta
26-hot dogs (fzn) on buns (fzn), homemamde baked beans, coleslaw
28-BBQ split chicken breasts (fzn), homemade macaroni salad, corn
29-shrimp orzo skillet
30-tortellini (dried) w/ alfredo sauce (dried packet), green beans

This gives me a general plan, knowing that salad will be served almost daily, depending upon my CSA delivery for the week. Fzn/canned veg sides are planned but fresh CSA offerings can replace them. I will NEED potatoes, carrots, cabbage and the usual staples: milk, eggs, juice etc. I am hoping that this will be a really low expenditure month.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your monthly menus. I'm not quite that organized about it, but I generally fill the freezer/pantry and cook from it so it is kind of the same principle.

CTMOM said...

Shara, cooking out of the pantry, aka "the pantry principal" is certainly a great way to reign in the food budget.