Friday, June 21, 2013

Meat inventory


Although I like to keep a running list of foods stored in the deep freezer, it was time to review what is in there, especially as I am planning an end of the month, preparing for July grocery shopping trip. With the intention of eating what is on hand, knowing what we have a shortage of is good information to take along to the store, should I encounter any bargains. The numbers next to the meat item indicate how many meal's worth I have. EX: split ck breast 6 means that I have enough for 6 separate dinners, not just 6 servings.

Beef chicken
8 oz ground (6 left for Aug) 13  BSCB (one left for Aug) 2
cube steaks 1 split ck br (5 left) 6
London broil 0 ground 0
Eye round steaks (3 ct) 3 thighs 0
skirt steaks 1 drums 1
pot roast 1 whole 1
eye round roast 0 ck Ital sausage 0
stew beef 3 ck gravy 2
corned beef 1 apple ch sausage     
shank beef bones 3
meatballs (one left for Aug) 3
beef hot dogs 2 whole 0
hotel style br 0
BSTB cutlets 1
 1 lb ground (one left for Aug) 2
2 lb ground 1
3 ct burgers 3

Fish Ham
Salmon 1 ground 4
Tilapia  0 shank 1
Perch 0 cubes 0
Flounder 0 sliced 0
Whiting 0
Shrimp (1 lb left for Aug) 2
Haddock 1 Pork
Swai 2 meatloaf mix      0
tmp shrp 1 bacon 2
sk slmn 1 links 0
bulk roll 2
chops 2
stew 0
roast 1
tnderloin 1
8 oz Ital sausage 10
Kielbasa 1


Anonymous said...

Are these accounted for in your current menu? Looks like you have a good variety.

CTMOM said...

Shara, the rest of June dinners will use ck drums, apple-ck bfst sausage, Ital meatballs, Kielbasa, 2 pkgs of grnd beef, the container of "campbells' style baked beans, BSCB. July will use salmon fillets, 3 pkgs Ital sausage, 3 pkgs grnd beef, 2 pkgs hotdogs, roast pork, Perch fillets, another pkg of Ital meatballs, ground turkey and ground beef for a meatloaf, pork tenderloin, spliat ck breast, 1/2 of the shrimp-all of that is already here. I buy whatever I can get at a good price and store it here, then I make up my menus. Since I really am aiming for a low expenditure July and Aug, I am being even more vigilant about using what is on hand, incorporating leftovers. I want to plan this out, so as not to, for instance, use all the poulty and then be stuck with just pork as a meat for the rest of the Summer!

CTMOM said...

I should add that even with the previous lists of what meats will be consumed the next 5 weeks, I will STILL have a variety of meat left going into Aug. : )

Nancy said...

As always you are such an inspiration to me. I went back and reviewed my own July menus and my freezer stock of meat, poultry and fish and was delighted to find that I will only have to purchase Italian sausage, lamb chops, shrimp, and a turkey breast in July. I am thinking July shopping will be heavy on the fresh produce/dairy here and light on everything else. However not being as stocked up as you are I will definitely have to shop for August.