Friday, June 14, 2013

I may be moving

Saw this home today . . which will address our needs very nicely.  Landlord is currently finishing up some refurbishing: totally brand new kitchen: cabinets, counter, backsplash, applicance, floor etc; new wood floors or old floors redone, some windows replaced, new furnace, some general repairs including some chimney work, 3 new toilets and 3 new vanities installed in the bathrooms, one new screen door, electrical service upgraded, etc.

I've filled out my paperwork, forwarded a list of questions/concerns for the realtor to address with the landlord. Hopefully, we can come to terms.


Lili said...

From the photo and your description, that house looks like it could be a pleasant home! Have you asked for past utility bills, to get a feel for how much it might cost you?

CTMOM said...

I am excited about the prospects of moving to this particular home. It is a modest one, esp. for this area, which have many really large McMansions. Of all the questions emailed to the realtor, yes, I have requested both electric bills (I also emailed the elec company to see if they'd provide them to me as well)and oil bills. I know that the former tenant was evicted (yikes!) and the LL is a bit skitish about renting again so he has gone thru a realtor to get someone, hopefully me, if we can come to an agreement. : )
While moving will cost me, and the possible next home is more expensive to rent, it would best accomodate our needs, and I feel would be a great fit for us.