Friday, June 14, 2013

Heard from my landlord


I phoned my landlord about something today, and afterwards, she asked me whether or not I planned on renewing my lease. I was frank, and told her that I am now starting to explore my options, could she send me a lease with her terms? She replied that the terms would be the same, just an adendum would be added to the current lease, extending it for another year. I was worried that she would be raising my rent here. So good to know that should I decide to remain here, the rent would be the same. I told her that as a courtesy, I'd advise her as soon as possible about what I decide to do: to renew or to move out.

With college girl moving back home and the ubber high heating bills, I must explore my alternatives.

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Tracy said...

Hope you can find something more affordable! Best of luck! :)