Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting it all done while I still can!


A few months ago, I learned that my medical/dental insurance plan would be changing. Same company, mostly the same coverage, but a high deductible plan instead of the more traditional model we've had for years. This means that effective July1, we must pay all bills in full before the insurance plan pays. Add in that well women's physicals, mammograms/paps, well physicals for all remain covered (if using an in plan MD). I must "eat" $4000 of medical bills before insurance will pay. A lot of record keeping on my part will start to keep tabs of it all.

So, in preparation for this significant change, all four kids just had their wisdom teeth removed, the twins going this morning. It looks like I'm out of pocket about $2000, but it sure is better than paying $4000 and then the ins. would have paid the approx. $1700 remaining.

I also scheduled my rotary cuff surgery for while I was still under the old plan, knowing that I would need approx $400/week of physical therapy for months. I only* have to pay $50/week under my old plan as a "co-pay." An added caveat is that the plan limitations still exist. For instance, I am alloted 50 rehab visits per calendar year. So far, I have used 24. Once I hit 51, insurance will not pay a penny. So, assuming 10 more weeks of therapy @ $400/week-that's $4000. That would leave me 6 more visits until I max out at 50. Those remaining 6 visits, if needed, wouldn't cost me a dime. Ditto any emergency room visits, MD visits until the end of the year.

There will be adjustment for sure. I felt it best to be proactive, knowing that we had impending medical costs.

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