Friday, June 14, 2013

Electricity bill


For most of our tenancy, my electric bill has been just under $100/month. Great! Last month, it crept up to $122. Hmm . . I reminded everyone to be vigilant about lights, etc. Fastforward and I went on line to check my recent bill: $165!! Thud! That is the most we have ever paid! just what is happening?

I contacted the electric company and asked if by chance we are being charged for the small cottage next door, whose meter is on our home (2 houses on one lot-weird situation., esp. for this town). No, just one meter, mine.

I explained that I had a difficulty understanding why the increase. I mentioned that we have been using the energy star dehumidifier down cellar (esp with all of this rain). Answer from CL & P is that even if an energy star model, dehumidifiers suck some serious energy. Sigh.

So now we are only running it while running the laundry machine, to see if that helps drop the electric bill back down.  Anyone else see a spike in their electric bills as a result of a dehumidifier?


Nancy said...

Carol: When considering buying a dehumidifier my gentleman friend warned me about the high energy usage (as he did about the space heaters we have and now no longer use) so instead I went a different way purchasing DampRid hanging moisture absorber bags that I hang from the pipes along the cellar ceiling. They come three to a box for around $12 and have lasted me two months and I have noticed a definite difference in the dampness down cellar. I bought mine at Lowe's but here's a link to Amazon so you can see the product for yourself:

DW said...

I hadn't thought of that ... but ours has had to run quite a bit due to all the storms here, and our bill jumped a bit, too.
I did turn mine down a setting, so maybe that will help.

janie said...

oh, yes, drive our bill right up. :(

bob robert said...

Ditto on what Nancy said, except I get mine from BJ.