Saturday, June 29, 2013

Duct tape saves $


My rental came with 2 of these bins in the detached garage/shed. One was pretty beat up, so I selected the better of the 2 for containing my bags of actual trash. I also have 2 large, round, more traditional style trash bins with lids for containing my bags of recycling. We recycle much more than we dispose of as refuse.  I had been storing the green trash bin in the open bay of the garage section but moved it out for convenience as I have been storing my car in the garage, since my surgery, to keep the driveway clear.

An issue that became apparent due to recent rains, is that the edge of the hinged lid has 2 areas where it is broken, allowing rainwater to enter the bin and mix in with the garbage. Yuck.

Today, I asked college boy to drive the recycling and trash over to the transfer station for me. I helped him to load the garbage into the trunk of the car, setting it on a 5 ml piece of vinyl plastic. One bag at the bottom of the bin, was quite saturated and I had to tear a hole in the bottom to first drain the water out. I am certain that my garbage weighed more than usual.

Once DS left, I hosed out the trash bin, let it air dry in the sunshine. I then grabbed some duct tape and taped the  2 broken areas, reinforcing the tape pieced underneath as well. I still have the bin outside in the elements for now, but feel confident that rain water infiltration will no longer be a problem.

This month's trash fees exceeded my budget by 60 cents BUT since the past 2 months have had such low fees, I am averaging well under budget still for trash.

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