Monday, June 10, 2013

Doing the maths


While recovering from surgery, my receipts for expenditures were starting to pile up. I finally addressed them last night, settling my ledger tablet (similar to the ome pictured above)that I use to keep track of what monies have been spent, what will soon come due, how much can be moved into savings.

The month of May is officially closed out-that's the good news. The bad news, as anticipated, is that expenditures are up in several categories: groceries, gasoline, electricity. Luckily, costs are down in several areas as well: vet bills, pet supplies, restaurant food, school supplies, postage, auto repair, auto washing, postage. When all was said and done, monies were moved to savings.

Moving forward, since I am now charging DD "rent" to help offset increased utility and food bills, I do have an extra $70 towards food/month. Having settled my monthly ledger, I have not only spent the increased allotment for the month of June, but have made a dent on July. Sigh.

Recent loss leaders at a new store, multiple meat marked downs have contributed to this. My freezer is full of meat for the Summer, I still have home and commercially canned as well as frozen produce on hand. Cleaning supplies are plentiful. Paper goods, what little I use, have been topped up.

Today, coupons and lists in hand, I hit several stores: Aldi $70.61: 4 pkgs Neufchatel cheese, 2 bottles each "splash" juice and apple juice, large canister coffee, 2 bottles Canola, large canister shortening, 2 cases soda cans: root beer and ginger ale, 2 lbs stick margarine, 1 pkg onion rolls, 2 lbs butter, 1 bag sweet potato chips, 2 large peppers (orange and red), box of gallon bags, 3 pkgs sliced cheese: Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, 18 ct TP, 4 boxes tissue, gallon milk, can of whipped cream, 4 lbs brown sugar; Dollar tree: 4 boxes tissue, 3 bottles soda (kept us away from the take out window so worth it), 2 bottles each of shampoo and conditioner:  $10.79 saved $1 w/ coupon, Stop and Shop: 2 pkgs whole wheat rolls, 4 Mueller yogurts, 2 Yopa! yogurts, 1 bottle All detergent, 1 bottle Snuggle fabric softener, 5 bottles Coke, 6 29 oz cans tomato puree:$22.73 saved $11.47 with coupons, local hardware store $4.78 Ball wide mouth plastic jar lids.

So pantry, kitchen shelves are replenished for now. We  must eat what is on hand, I am thankful that the CSA is up and running so some fresh produce is coming our way weekly. I am hoping to stay out and away from the stores except for a stray item or 2 of needs for the rest of this month, to get us back on track.


Nancy said...

I love Aldi. You can get so much for so little money and the variety keeps getting better and better.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I just received my last oil delivery of the "heating season" today---and by my figures, my payments of $217. per mo for 11 months still leaves me with $1300 to pay in "May"--the "settling up" month. Ok, so June this year--my friend who works there is down to part time, and her DH just had surgery so maybe the bills are late. They also give a discount for having made the monthly payments on time, so I will wait until the bill actually arrives before paying it. However, that makes my total for the year about $3400, which seems high to me. Our thermostat stays at 68 degrees and that includes hot water for 12 months of the year as well. We have a two story house, well insulated, vinyl sided, with four bedrooms and a bath upstairs, kitchen and 4 small to medium rooms downstairs. It wasn't that long ago that $1000 would cover the heat bills for the year...well, maybe it was some time ago after all. Everything is going up in price, that's for certain. I'm disappointed in this but don't foresee any major changes--have already tightened it up quite a bit. Winter just lasted way too long this year.
On the other hand, I have need of meat for the freezer and will probably make a trip to Sam's Club fairly soon to remedy the lack. Their meat is superior to grocery stores around here, although I'm cutting back on pork, no matter how cheap it is. Too much is just too much! I was sick of chicken, now I'm sick of pork. I need to browse some of my estimated 200+ cookbooks and find something new to make. I don't like too many varieties of dried beans, which cuts my possibilities. I did eat white chili last week, but only for one night. Not my favorite--DH had it two nights and I froze the rest. I'm not that picky, but beans are NOT a favorite. I will eat garbanzos, black beans, and a few white beans in a casserole etc. NO kidney beans ever. Might search out a recipe for felafel--I have eaten it in restaurants and enjoyed it. Also used to make a garbonzo loaf when vegetarian older DD was still alive. Might have to look up that recipe again.
Any suggestions welcomed!