Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ceiling fan update


Ceiling fan update: Owner of the cleaning service I use was unable to get a replacement blade arm for the fan that one of the cleaning ladies broke, nor was he able to get a complete replacement fan, as these fans are dated 1988. So, he ordered 2 new fans and has hired a handyman service company to come out and install them next Tuesday. I am now wondering what to do with the remaining "good" fan that will be taken down. I am thinking that it would be a nice addition to the kitchen, especially as it is unable to be air conditioned. I will of course, update the landlord about this fan situation and ask if the remaining good fan can be installed in the kitchen, replacing a large, 2 foot square fluorescent light that isn't really used (there is a lot of task lighting throughout the kitchen)mostly because it requires 5, 2 foot long fluorescent bulbs-all of which are almost completely burnt out (was that way prior to moving in)and I don't want to pay to replace them. Not sure if the fan can easily be installed in this area as the ceiling isn't sheet rock, it's more like a particle board type material. Something to ponder first.

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