Thursday, June 20, 2013

A rare treat around here: steak!

 Rarely served here, we will be treating ourselves to steak tonight, as I had 2 small pkgs of marked down steaks in the freezer. These are my last steaks, I don't even have a London broil in the freezer as the price of beef has been out of reach lately. I have these marinating in some homemade marinade today. They will be either grilled or broiled.
 Baked potatoes to accompany. No longer have any sour cream, but that's allright-we'll just top with some butter or margarine and season with salt and pepper.
I'll be mixing up a can each of green beans (sale plus cpn item) with wax beans (crash n burn) for a veggie side. A large tossed salad will also be offered up, with a choice of dressings.

 Once cooked, I presliced the steak, in an effort to stretch it further. Wasn't sure if college boy would be joining us or not.
Here's my dinner plate, salad was in a separate bowl.


Precious said...

Enjoy those steaks.

Nancy said...

Looks yummy. I do steak around here by cutting an eye of round into nice thick steaks. At $3 something a pound at the wholesale club instead of over $5 something a pound for fancier cuts it makes this treat affordable for us. It is a tougher cut of meat but marinating or rubbing it and allowing a rub to soak in helps tenderize it.

CTMOM said...

Yes, doing the work yourself saves as well as chosing a cheaper cut and marinating, which actually leads to a more flavorful meal. I usually have been able to pick up London broil on sale for $1.49-$2.49/lb. No such luck this year. I'm not a huge steak fan, but it's a nice change of pace once in a while. Beef and meat prices in general are scary.