Sunday, June 23, 2013

A birthday celebration!


A rare occasion here, we will be dining out tonight, to celebrate my twin son's birthday. No dessert however, as I've made a sheet cake and bought some sale priced ice cream to have afterwards, at home. Knowing ahead that we may go out to celebrate (always have the tradition of asking birthday kid if they want to eat out, get take out, have me prepare the menu of his choice), I budget accordingly in my "celebrations" part of my monthly budget. Money is there, no need to scramble to figure out how to cover the cost of the dinner. : )

We're trying this restaurant for the first time, several have recommended it to me:


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sons. Have a great time.

Mary Lou said...

Happy birthday to your "boys". Restaurant looks wonderful. Enjoy!!

DW said...

Best wishes to your boys!

CTMOM said...

Cute restaurant, great food. Mom ordered veal Parmesan with rigatoni and a side green salad; I had a side green salad and chicken marsala with a side of rigatoni w/ marinara; DD had a tortalini (sp?) in a pink sauce with shrimp and roasted asperagus, first starting with a 3 grain and Summer veggie soup; DS # 1 had spaghetti and meatballs, DS # 2 had a chicken and shrimp dish with roasted potatoes and green beans in a pink sauce, DS # 3 had penne a la vodka with roasted chicken. Yummy! Can't afford to do this very often, was a nice treat.