Friday, May 3, 2013

The never ending tale of sloppy joes

Some time ago, I made a double batch of ground beef sloppy joes, freezing the leftovers/planned overs for a crazy schedule night. We had sloppy joes Thursday. Tonight, I took the remaining sauce, a pint of organic CSA home canned tomatoes, a 15 oz can of C &B tomato sauce @ 64 cents, some spices and created "spaghetti sauce."

 I cooked 1/2  a box of C & B spaghetti noodles. Dinner tonight, included the leftover corn from yesterday. Not my top pick to serve with spaghetti, I wanted it used up.
I intentionally made more than I needed, so as to get a jump on Saturday's supper, a casserole I call "spaghetti bake." Makes for a super easy night for me. And yes, finally, that is the end of the sloppy joe
sauce, although my casserole will serve 4-6!  : )

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Lili said...

We had a dessert this week that sort of went the same direction. It began as muffins. Then crumbled a couple of muffins on top of a berry-plum crisp the next night. Then the third night the remaining muffins, the remaining crisp, some stale bread and 1 dinner roll became bread pudding. There's still one serving of bread pudding left in the fridge. I imagine it will be added to oatmeal tomorrow morning. And then what shall I do with the leftover oatmeal?

Don't you think there should be a folk song about these kitchen adventures?