Saturday, May 25, 2013

Store review: Pricerite


Price Rite opened earlier this week, and since I was feeling up to it, we stopped in on our way home from a medical appointment. Plenty of loss leaders to take advantage of, such as XL eggs for 99 cents, split chicken breasts 99 cents. Clearly a cousin company to Shoprite, I saw several Shoprite label products at this store. As with everywhere else, you need to know your prices. I'll definitely return.

Nice bonus, on the way in, customers were given Price rite grocery tote bags for free (one each), and on the way out, a plastic PR bag loaded with the following freebies: a box of PR mac and cheese, a 17 oz bottle of PR water, a small snack package of Welch's fruit snack bites, a medium sized bag of Utz brand potato chips, an individual size pkg of Chips ahoy cookies, an individual sized bag of Freetos corn chips, an Oscar Mayer hotdog mobile whistle.

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