Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sorting through the teen's clothes


While not as much, my living  room also now has 2 of these bags full of too small clothes from the teen boys here.

 Before sending them off to charity/donation or Freecycle, I pulled out several dress shirts, taking an idea from Frugal Queen ( and reserving these shirts as valuable fabric resources for an upcoming quilt project I'd like to start this Summer, once I've recovered from my upcoming surgery. I've always viewed old clothing as a resource, but now ever more so, as I aim to do this project with as little money spent as possible. I have a slew of scrap fabric, some new, some trimmings from sewing so still new, some repurposed fabrics such as these dress shirts that I'll cut up over the Summer, in preparation for my quilt project. I've already purchased quilt batting (new in package) at Savers, plan on using an old sheet as a backing.

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