Saturday, May 4, 2013

Produce and Meat

 Carrots are yet again the loss leader, cheap vegetable to turn to: 2 lb bags were BOGO, so I paid 50 cents/lb out the door, bananas 29/lb (vs 57 @ Xpect-they were over ripe anyway), tomatoes on the vine $1.49 with cpn.
 OJ $1.99 with coupon, organic 3 lb bag apples $3.49-same price and sometimes cheaper than conventionally grown apples! So bananas, apples are our fresh picks this week, then canned.
80% ground beef on sale with coupon, ground turkey was on sale plus I got $1.10 off with a doubled coupon bringing my cost down to  $2.89 Johnsonville Italian chicken and cheese sausages $2.79 after cpn, 2 pkgs Oscar Mayer beef franks BOGO so $2.50 ea  but since I used a "get $5 off your order" store coupon-I'm considering these free!, Johnsonville kielbasa $1.99 after sale and cpn, normally $3.99.

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