Monday, May 27, 2013

Patio furniture on a budget


Pictured above is a round, metal picnic table on sale for $129 at Home Depot. I have owned  something comparable for years, acquiring a quite large, white painted, metal, folding, round with umbrella hole in center table from my mother, who was gifted it by one of her friends. I am guessing that my table is at least 35 years old. The quality of this table can't be easily matched by what is currently available as mainstream aka "affordable" outdoor living furniture. When I moved into this rental, I was pleased to discover that a former tenant left several things behind (which the realtor told me were mine to do with as I wish), including 4 white, stacking, heavy duty, plastic chairs. I now had a complete set. I did have to buy a new stand base for my umbrella as the former one broke, so that was last Summer's investment. I already owned a wooden umbrella with a natural/beige canvas top that someone disguarded as there was a rip along one of the umbrella seams. I  washed the canvas umbrella and once dried, I quickly repaired the ripped seam within 5 minutes. This was clearly a very expensive umbrella for a table.

There is no way that I can plunk down 100's of dollars for a dining set we'd only use for a few months, and I already used some of my tax refund for a new gas grill, so refurbishing it is. Sandpaper, several cans of Rustoleum all-in-one primer and paint, and I'm out about $20, and we'll be repainting the table in black later this week.

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Jean said...

My brother and I were discussing a painting project this weekend and he advised using aluminum paint after sanding and before final coat as he said it helps stop rust