Sunday, May 12, 2013

May grocery top up

 Grocery replenishing/top up for the month. With impending surgery, I tried to replenish for the upcoming week, and to select some things that would be easy for those helping us, to prepare. Marked down finger rolls (thinking egg salad sandwiches), marked down Kaiser rolls (lunches if not fried egg and cheese bfst sandwiches), ALdi's hamburger buns, and potato hot dog buns
 2 doz eggs ($1 at Dollar tree), 2 gallons milk, 4 fzn OJ, qt 1/2 & 1/2
 2 pkgs tater tots (Dollar tree)
 8 boxes cereal from Aldi's, 2 Aldi's brownie mixes, brown sugar, large can coffee, bag of Hazelnut coffee (my Sunday treat)
 Marked down ground beef ended up costing just over $3/lb so I grabbed it, divided it into 8 oz pkgs and froze it. Some went into Sat night's supper.
 4 boxes Aldi's tissues
 2 tubs organic baby salad greens, tomatos, 3 lbs organic apples, cantaloupe, 3 Romaine hearts, rainbow chard
Busy day, so I grabbed 2 take n bake pizzas from Aldi's for our lunch.

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Precious said...

It looks like you have planned well.