Sunday, May 12, 2013

I don't think so!

For months now, my electric bill has been just under $100. Perfect. Recent bill shot up to $122.32 while the previous month was only $97.41. Hmm . . what is up with that??!!??  While I did use the dryer a few times for non towel items, I can't figure out why the jump. There are 2 meters on the house, one is for the garage apartment next door, where the former tenant recently moved out, after 6 years. New guy came in after a few weeks. Could I have been billed for the electric for that place in the interim? Handyman was working over there, heat may have been on.  I plan on calling the electric company on Monday to double check that the electric for the garage was billed to the landlord and not me. I can't understand how it could jump $25! Could it have been the energy star dehumidifier down cellar?  Meanwhile, the electricity Natzi is back! This bill MUST go back to under $100.

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